Giving to WSLA can be rewarding.  Your gifts help us provide support for student clubs, athletics, alumni  support or resources & programming for the community. You can give to our general fund, to the Pathways Clubs (GAPS), A specific Athletic Club/Cause or to a specific project.

You can also support our programming effort by purchasing GWSHSAA branded items from our partner vendor. We get a significant portion of every purchase of alumni items. We offer socks, shirts, hats, sunvisors, water bottles and lots of other items. We receive up to 50% on some items towards our programming budget. So please visit our store to continue supporting our work today.


We have lots of day to day operating expenses and ask alumni to give thru our “$5 for the Side” Campaign on Gofundme. These donations are not tax deductible and used for the general operation. The funds allow us to support small one-time projects (under $2000) and cover basic operational costs. You may review what has been given go to


Pathway Clubs (G.A.P.S): Provides alumni-led programs such as mentoring, Afterschool Pathway Clubs, Career Days, Girls Ignited, Man-Boy Breakfast and Man-Boy Leadership Institute. Become a mentor and get involved today.


Athletic Programs have needs ranging from basic transportation costs to uniforms to equipment.  You can give to the overall program by purchasing an Athletic Pass or you can support a specific cause for your favorite team by visiting the campaigns listed on our athletic page.


Project Fundraising: Projects which require intense fundraising for a specified sum of money within a defined time period. The costs for these projects range from $2K – $9,999. To see our current Capital Fund Projects go to